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Some might be lurkers. I've read the thread twice, and this is my first pregnancy so I don't know how long I go, and didn't have anything to add.   There's nothing wrong with you :)  
You're welcome! I went looking for it a week or so ago and found that most links out there are dead, but managed to find that one somehow :)
http://www.rixafreeze.com/pdf/gregorywhite.pdf   :)    
Possibly a troll, but if not:     I agree.  For a start, your post is completely against the forum rules:   Plus, you are condescending, sarcastic, and disrespectful: And you've thrown in a dead baby card for good measure!   You have come in here and told us that we are silly and ignorant, that our beliefs are "tired" and "BS", and basically thrown a whole lot of condescending "I'm a nurse and here are the facts and I don't want to hear your rubbish excuses" statements...
New Posts  All Forums: