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  Becky there has been a lot of support and offers for help.  If you choose to ignore that, that's on you.   Would you accept help from our DDC?  Because we want to help, too.  Based on information from YOUR post elsewhere, your son's carseat is two years expired and it is also improperly used.  There are resources in your area that can assist you with getting a proper seat and showing you the right way to use it.  Call the FD and/or Child Care Connections. Casey is 3....
Kathy, I don't think people with mental illness get a free pass to do whatever they want without consequence.  Nobody is poking at her in spite of her mental illness.  Instead, we (here at mdc) have tried talking sense into her, and people there have questioned a lot of the things she has done.  edited.   In fact, I think that's a really patronizing attitude to have toward mental illness- as if people who have mental health issues can't make rational choices. In...
Oh please, Kathy.  Do you realize what you started?  Do you think Becky should be reading over there?  Why in the world did you bring it up and refuse to let it go once Amanda messaged you?   You had to have known what you were starting.  Don't be so naive. 
    Sorry, you edited and added this after I read it.  Yeah, nobody knew that because I don't bring that stuff over here for everyone to read.  
I am defensive because I am not even nearly the only person in this DDC who has made unsavory remarks outside of this forum.  Is it really surprising that I would defend myself?  I'm not going to out anybody or anything but, seriously.     I didn't say you explicitly said those things.  I asked for clarification and my previous post is what I am gleaning from this conversation.  
The internet is public, Joanie.   Noted- it's okay to gossip in person or on the phone, but not on the internet.  It's okay to gossip about birth choices but not diet.  It's okay to do it on Facebook but not another forum.  It's not okay to name call or insult someone's character, but nobody will say anything about that.     
 I asked an honest question to the group, Joanie.  Do you want to talk about condescension?
  And I was mocking the GAPS diet just like you were discussing the medical birthing system.  You're failing to see the nuance here.  What if someone invited your sister's friend here to see what you and others said about it?  Sorry, I fail to see the difference. Abra mocks vegans on her Facebook page, so she's hardly coming from a place of moral superiority here, and that might explain my defensiveness.  She also brought my diet into the discussion that I had with her...
Double post
Honest question: how is me talking about gaps on another forum any different from you, joanie, bringing stories about so-and-so's birth choices here to discuss and analyze? How is it ok for abra to call me names and insult my character? So it's "harmless" if i say it in person or on the phone but not on the internet? I'n just trying to find the line between acceptable and unacceptable gossip, here. Is it because I am a dissenting opinion and you can tag me as the enemy?...
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