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I have anxiety and depression too, and I wouldn't snark that.  I sought treatment that has made a world of difference in my life and my kids' lives.  
You can make whatever assumptions you want about my character.      If you can't see why thinking that eating a certain diet will heal mental illness is eyeroll worthy, I don't know what to say.  There are children involved in these situations and parents getting adequate help for mental illness isn't just about their own wellbeing, it is for the welfare of their children.  I am and was concerned about Christina and Rhyko.  That doesn't have anything to do with the...
Amanda summed it up well.  I like everyone here.  When I disagree I say so.  I don't sugarcoat it.  People don't like that.    I get it.   I think pulling a quote from another site without context is a shitty move and yes it is snarky but 1. no names are mentioned and 2. it fits with the board culture there.  So, flame me if you want to- I'm a big girl, I can handle it.  
How's that different from what you just did to me, Abra?  There's a lot of overlap between this DDC and users over there.   Becky is trying really hard and definitely has had a lot of adversity.  If you read there at all you'd know that they are trying to HELP becky by offering resources, support, and supplies like proper carseats for her kids.  Unfortunately, Becky doesn't want the help.  
  Jaimee, people have given you a very skewed view of what that site is.  Kali, that is not why you left that board. I think glassesgirl's original point stands. The internet is not private.  Becky has made some questionable choices and she is very well known around the internet because of her presence on multiple boards, her multiple facebook accounts, and the fact that she uses her real name and makes herself very identifiable if someone were, for instance, concerned...
D eats popcorn.  We just watch carefully, but he has all his teeth and has been eating solids for 10 months.
You can also have an iud inserted during a period so the cervix is open. My gyn recommended that.
I'm not Katie but when you're back here visiting you need to visit US.  Please and thank you.
Yeah I think things will grow so fast once it is consistently warm.  I remember last year I just stared and stared at my tomatoes and cukes wondering what i'd done wrong because they weren't growing.  Then in June they practically exploded overnight!
http://www.bridgercare.org offers free pg tests and contraception in Bozeman, Becky.   Nobody is lecturing.  We have "known" you for over 2 years.  You post about money woes, how your older child is not allowed to share a room per CPS standards, and how you and your DH aren't on the same page regarding BC.  Then you post about baby fever and not having a period (possible pregnancy), and mention that you are so broke you can't afford a new thermometer or a HPT.  What...
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