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You'd like In Rainbows, Amanda.  Well, I think anyone who is breathing would like In Rainbows, so there's that    I haven't listened to Tool in a loooong time.  Just thinking about it brings me back to some awesome college memories.  Haha!
Whoa hold the phone.  You love TOOL?!?!?!?!  HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS.  I demand answers.  I LOVE TOOL.
  Also, to answer your question, you DON'T NFP with no thermometer.  Abstain, or condoms.  
What do you mean they aren't growing like they should?   I have been a little disappointed with my stuff, but then I remember it's still April.  The soil has been pretty cold at night.  Squash and cukes like warmer temps.  You probably know more than me, though, so maybe you can post some photos so I can see what you mean?
I don't have any questions I just wanted to say 
Seriously, your DH wanted a vas, so I'd look into something and abstain in the meantime.  Not feeling anything during sex with condoms is better than having a baby that is not planned for and that you are not able to provide for.
Do you have any medical care resources, Becky?  Would a thermometer be covered by Medicaid?  I'd recommend consulting a gyn about birth control if NFP isn't a real option.  I'd figure out some sort of additional protection because a baby is FAR more expensive than birth control.
Yeah I would go with realtor B, but have you done your own research on your market?  I am coming from a Portland perspective where houses only last an average of 40-50 days on the market and usually sell at 101-103% of the asking price.  Have you checked out comps?  That would give you a better idea.  Have you had a recent appraisal?  Maybe you could shell out the cash for your own appraisal so you have an idea of what it is really worth.
Yeah, I agree with those sentiments- I read an article about how exercise doesn't really help weight loss because our body wants to replace those calories and we end up binging on food and gaining weight.  Makes total sense.  Since I started running I want to eat ALL THE CARBS.  
What's the texture like, Jaimee?  I keep imagining that since it's beeswax it would crack when bent.  What's the life expectancy?  How do  you store them?
New Posts  All Forums: