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 Could you move close to Atlanta so you have childcare?  Even though you don't have all of your family there, your MIL watches Conner which is a big deal.
Nicole, I would talk to financial advisers about that before you do it.  Like Jaimee said, you will have significant costs associated with selling your home, and might be on the hook for repairs depending on inspection and negotiations.  That is a giant stress that you do not need during pregnancy or the first few months of having a baby.  Moving at this time in your family life seems like it would be very, very stressful.  I am buying a house and I am not pregnant, nor...
Remind me how big Eli was? 
Awww Joanie I hope the Allegra works! I don't understand why 8 lbs is automatically a "big" baby.  Dyl was 8 lbs 11 oz.  I am 5'4" and 120lbs.  I birthed him with absolutely no problem.  Ugh.
I wouldn't filter it, you'll weaken the taste. Bottle it in individual plastic or glass bottles with the lids on tight.  Leave for 1-3 days, making sure to release some pressure by unscrewing and retightening the lids each day.  Then put in the refrigerator.  The yeast will go dormant and sink.  Rebottle, being careful not to stir the yeast on the bottom (pour slowly, leave the last little bit of liquid in the bottle with the yeast that has been on the bottom.  Don't stop...
  You're an awesome mom, Ash!
Dylan slept 6 straight hours last night, only waking once in the entire night!  FINALLY!  
  No, it's just really yeasty and the yeast are very active.  Time will help and a 2-step bottling will help.      Ash- that is very frightening!  I remember an ER doc telling me that his own son had recurring symptomless fevers and it ended up being his tonsils, there just weren't other symptoms.  Strange!  
Oh and what do you cover it with? Is it stored in a dark place?
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