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I dunno... I doubt my 4 year old thinks he only needs cupcakes and fruit. Haha.
Yeah with so many budget cuts for schools, arts and sports and music programs are not as funded as when we were kids, I'm afraid. Equipment, athletic clothing, off-season leagues, etc etc cost money. If my kids have the talent or desire to do something, i want to be sure they can do it. I'm frugal, for sure, but kids are expensive.
I had to work for a lot of "luxuries" during high school and college.  I can say definitively that it seriously hindered my ability to study.  I don't think lessons or sports or textbooks or other extracurriculars are luxuries.  I could argue that a car is not a luxury.  I didn't have kids for them to have to work instead of succeed in school and pursue their talents- I chose to have them and I will choose to support them in those things, and those things cost a lot of...
Dylan is the same as Shay and Jasper.  Don't worry, Amanda!  Dylan is very communicative, he just isn't verbal. He points, he answers yes/no by shaking or nodding his head, he brings me to things he wants, etc.  A lot like what you were saying about Jasper.  But I don't think that's a bad thing- he is also trying to read my lips and make those noises with his mouth, so it's just a process.  He is intelligent (as I am sure Jasper is too!) and wants to communicate.  He is...
OMG SARA!!!!!!!   I love your voice.  Is that a weird thing to say?  You must hear it all the time.  It is so sweet and with a little bit of a twang :-)  Brings me back to my Ohio days   You're such a pro- you look so at ease just tossin' a 25+ lb babe around.  And Shay!  OMG!   What a sweet guy!!!   I'll stop gushing   It was just so great to see you and hear your voice!!  
  I back carry and have forever because, um, Dylan is HUGE.  I'm a small person, I just can't have him on my chest because it makes my back and shoulders sore.  Much easier to have him on my back.  He's been ~25 pounds for about 6 months now.  He gains just a few ounces each month.     He is also fearless.  Like, totally fearless.  Runs straight into the street, base jumps off of furniture, etc etc.  He climbs anywhere and everywhere.  He's very physically motivated, so...
Yeah I have no idea, all I know is after weeks of horrific abdominal cramps and doctor visits, I started googling after my husband suggested maybe it was the kefir (it was the only new thing in my diet).  I had been drinking it and easing into it (it's so strong, so you should drink a few oz a day and slowly build up your tolerance) so I shrugged him off but googled out of curiosity.  There were a few people on the interwebs talking about the same cramping I had, and they...
Yeah I usually use organic fruits as well!  I think I put in pineapple or something that happened to not be organic.  Boy did I regret that.  Ugh.
Just make sure you use only organic fruit in the kefir, everyone. Otherwise you'll end up with severe abdominal cramping for weeks and an abdominal ultrasound. Ask me how i know.
Oooh I'll run string down to the peas.  I like that idea!
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