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Cool, I'll do that!  Thanks!
Oh, yes the peas don't need thinned.  But the radishes?  Thin those? I do have radishes along the edge.  This might have been a dumb thing to do, but I put the radishes there because I figured they'll be ready to harvest before the peas really need the trellis.  The peas are only about 6 inches from the edge.  That photo is closeup :-)   I've mentioned I'm a beginner, right? :-)
I will wait then!  Thanks ladies.  Here are some updated photos.    my strawberry pallet, which sits in my driveway.  Ha!  Urban gardening FTW           My two finished beds in my neighbors' yard.  I think I'll use that space to the left for something... I just don't know what, yet!  The far bed will have squash and corn, so I'm sure the squash will run out and I can train them in that direction.  Other ideas?   This corner obviously has the...
Christina you're in my zone- can I plant everything now?  Is it too early for things like squash (winter varieties and summer) and cucumbers?  Eggplant?  Everyone has differing opinions!
I think I've stopped the slugs.  For now, at least :-)   My seedlings are doing so well!  I am so excited that in a few weeks we'll be eating radishes!  I have the beds done- I'll take photos tomorrow.  I'm pretty proud of all my work! 
Anthia can you give me background re: the school issue?  I know you love your house, that must be so hard. I tried finding where you talked about the school decision process, but I'm having a hard time finding it! Sorry!
How did you meet your DH? What made you stay in Canada? And out of my own curiosity, how did you become a person of faith?  Is your family religious?  I know that there is a heavy missionary presence in South Africa, so I'm just wondering. :-)
My neighbors haven't had luck with the copper tape.  Our PDX slugs must like copper!  Let me know if it works for you!  I am going to put some coffee grounds out and some more sluggo.
I did hate running, but LOVE it now! I think it was previously a matter of health- I wasn't eating right to have enough energy, you know? so it was always just.so.hard.
I am using a pallet garden for my strawberries and have a pot of herbs that overwintered from last year.  It is looking so great in my gardens!  My baby seedlings are growing so well and the pea shoots are up!  Woot!  The only issue so far is the slugs are getting to my strawberry plant leaves.  Sigh.  I have straw as mulch and sluggo EVERYWHERE around the pallet but they are still getting to the leaves.  Help!
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