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Joanie- yup crypto and giardia are of concern in recreational water.  Obviously I still like to go swimming though.  There's risk everywhere, right?  
Hmph.  It's subtle, and feels kind of like it did immediately postpartum- so I'm thinking it's just that the muscles are still getting back to normal.  He is a heavy boy, too.  Maybe that's part of the issue.  I have my appt this week and she will be checking my uterus and musculature down there so we'll see.  I've DTD and everything was feeling fine so I don't think there's damage, but I might need to take it a little easier.      
Does she fuss while sleeping if she has a dirty diaper?  I'd think the walking would put her to sleep, so maybe it wouldn't be an issue?   As far as outside temps and kepeing baby warm- it's okay for extremities to be cold to the touch (it's normal in fact since their circulatory systems are still developing), you just want to be sure their core is cold.  I'd assume if she's bundled near you in a carrier and is dressed for the weather that she'll be fine :-) Very wise,...
I agree.  If my doc asked for my sources I'd switch docs.  He can do his own research about it.
I agree, Abra! It might be harder to keep weight off now with changing metabolisms and new curves, but it's definitely possible to be fit and be a mother. I may not look how I did when I was 22 and childless, but I am embracing the changes. Question: when you're walking with babe in the sling, do you feel pressure in your pelvic floor? I know things are still healing and getting back to normal- and I've been doing kegels, too- but is that just normal for now to feel lax...
Just for fun- here's me with my mama when I was a few months old.       and here's Dylan.  Crazy similarities :-)    
Thanks Jaimee!  I think he looks like me too :-)  I'm so glad you said that!  I am so proud    Owen looks like DH, so we both have "mini-me's"!      
 My sweetie.  5.5 weeks old!
  I gained 3 lbs in the last few days.  It's not much, but it's weird.  I guess my milk regulated and I should stop eating like a damn horse.  I also have a little belly pouch which is depressing.  The little roll on my tummy + the huge boobs make my torso look pretty squishy and as if I am carrying a lot of extra weight, but my legs are like sticks.  Very disproportional.  I want to start working out- more walks and such.  I like being able to eat what I want, so I...
Yes- breastmilk color can change based on what you eat.  Have you eaten a lot of fiber or greens lately?
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