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We roll the blanket under the babies ... Like creating a seat so I sit them in ergo on top of rolled up blanket ... Does that make senseWe roll
Hello everyone...   I have a brief moment to say hi..    Cordelia.. congrats .. cant wait to hear more and hope you are recovering ok   esenbee. yeah bed rest was tough at times.. but i was never on full bed rest so i was still able to get up and go places if i felt up to it.. Why did they put you on BR > how far are you now? Watch lots of netflix and surf the net.. I spent alot of time on Facebook LOL   Hi to everyone else...   Lots of new babies due...
I have tried the moby and hate it. i hate how long it takes to get on.. my DP loves it though.. and so do the boys..she can wear 2 at a time in it :)   I mostly wear a baby in my ergo with a rolled up blanket ( because the infant insert is too hot) or in my baby bjorn comfort that is much more comfy than a regular baby bjorn..   I wish there were easy on wraps that fit me ( am a big fluffy gal)   love all the pics of the babies being worn :)
Seraf.. Any name ideas?? Is a.. The boys def keep me busy we are 3 months already !!! My mom has been here since April and leaves June 10.. I'm ready for her to go home but not ready to b alone lol..I'm doing pretty good .. My milk never really came in so for 12 weeks I pumped what I could ...like 3 oz day and just stopped this week as it was getting to hard to pump with 3 demanding babies:( I feel lucky I had the nursing relation with each one at diff times ...I enjoyed...
Hello     Popping up from the non stop feedings and diaper changes.. LOL :)   The boys are 12 weeks old and getting big. Aug weighs in at 11 pds.. Gage is 7-15 ,,, and Finn our smallest at birth is now 8 -12.. ..they are starting to talk and the smiles are endless.. they are starting to know when I am in the room.. and really start to smile at me now intentionally.. I love it... They are getting easier in some ways but sleep is a huge thing right...
Gorgeous babies..      Here is a family photo.. we took the boys to the ocean on Saturday :)
We have a triple decker stroller that hold all 3 baby carseats. its super easy to fold up... but it is long... so I use that when i go out alone.. i almost always have one of our carriers with me in case someone has a meltdown or is fussy..  I have a diaper bag packed with an extra outfit for each kid, and diapers, wipes .. the bag is usually checked every other day or so to be sure it is still stocked up.. Once DP and I no longer have to share the mini van.. i plan to...
Hi   Cananny here.. my wife and I are new parents to 10 week old triplet boys.. we are busy but are loving every moment of it :)   We have started getting out more and more and love getting the boys out.. we have a play date with a group of queer parents in 2 weeks at a park.. thats our only set plan so far 
Quick post to say hugs to San Diego And whoa Esenbee... Was this the first u/s ? Are you guys floored? We really are raining baby boys over here !!! Crazy Post more later it's feeding time ( wait its always feeding time with triplets lol)
congrats.. what a big difference in size! they are so so cute!!!
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