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Hi everyone   Well BFN and no signs of the evil witch known as AF.. i will wait and see. but i am 99 percent sure I am not pg.. i really felt our timing was way off and the new med didnt work as well as clomid.. i asked the nurse to ask the RE if we can move to injectables , she wants me to do one more round of clomid ( i requested that over the femerra) I have an appt to see her on the 13th... so now just waiting for AF.. I hope she comes on her own so i do not have...
We are using TSBC as well and I LOVE them.. so helpful and really flexible on timing.. for us it was the convience of having them local so I can pick up samples..    Wonder if anyone is using or has used our donor?   4446 
RS   I am so sorry that evil witch showed up :((( 
Lise......i'm so so sorry...big hugs to you and dp
She has a hard time because im quite emotionaland grumpy with the many meds I take each month....sigh...but she's been great and supportive...we just hope for a bfp soon....
I am 11dpo.. and not testing until wends... I am having some creamy discharge *tmi* sorry... and tons of heartburn.. really tires.. and at 8dpo had some blood after going to bathroom... sooo we shall see.. I am in the not thinking I am... then when I do.. I will be over the moon :)    
my re says 24 to 36 ...id personally wait till at least 36...ps sooooo glad your lining is so great ...and lots of good follicles ......how was doing injectables???
Thread crashing to say soooooooooooo sorry tiney and dp...please be gentle and loving to each other as you heal...big big hugs...
Hey all   Nores.. I am sorry AF showed up.. .. but you are moving along and I am hopeful your DP is knocked up as we speak... how are the injectbles? My re wants to possibly switch to that...    Carmen.. Again. Hugs . and may this process be fairly quick so you can move on and heal   Mama.. CONGRATS   LISE.. I am ready to shout YES YES YES for you.. I am holding everything crossed extra you get great betas!!!!!   Hi everyone else..    AFM.. I am 8...
Oh they did do that first...several times..but my left ovary wa above my cervix...so they did the tummy us to see if could get a better gage...the bruise is pretty intense ...We are on same path..first clinic iui jan....clomid, ect....its a rollercoaster ..this month w didn't do clomid, but fermerra instead...had twelve small filicles on cd 10 them by Tuesday had a few smallish and one big one..
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