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BFN ...... Tested day early .....and its neg ...I prepared myself for this but I let tears flow today .....its just so unfair sometimes
I did clomid on days 3-7 at 100 mg..... and estrace 5 mg,.... did vaginally started the day before my IUI.....and did them for 7 days...  i am crossing fingers this is YOUR month too.... and mine.. funny how we started this journey a yr ago..and things sure have changed :) id love for us to graduate ..a year is long enough!!!!!!!    
Good morning ! Nores....I'm glad u went for a clomid cycle one more time...I've responded great to it and the estrace thickened the lining for me ! Fx for follies to grow for you ! Will u do iui this cycle then? Esenbee...I was so excited when dp got her first smiley too...even took a pic!!! Now its me who is ttc and we don't really use the opk. Happycalm....welcome back and here's hoping stay is short ! Rs11...hi cycle buddy ....I'm also cramping a lot ...and I never...
Meaning yours and mine..the our month part !!!! With super swim team!!!!!!!!!
Yay for super swimmers...ours had 75million...so if your nurses say your guys were super...it gives me a little hope .....this is our month !!!!
Congrats to Dandy and Planet !!! Wohoooo we needed some BFP around here !!! So am I 2dpo or 3? Iui was Tuesday ...I'm trucking along...tired from our big move this last weekend ... Dp keeps singing swim spermies swim, swim.spermies swim .....oy vay!!!! Who else is in tww Hi desert ...I'm glad u still hang out in here !!!!
Can you move me to the Tww ! My iui was perfect ..had a completely open cervix ! The donor sperm was very active, and has 75 million !! And 65% mobility ..Re said was very good sample!!!!
Still no pos on opk!!!! So doing iui on Tuesday ..will trigger tomorrow ...I luckily have a friend who's a nurse in l/d so she will mix and do the shot for me !!!!
Seems my follies behaved!!! No positive on opk so we will get to do iui!!!!! Yay Yeah sucks for closing but it cost me 20.00 to use them (kaiser insurance) sooo I can't complain and lucky we have a back up plan with a Kd !!!
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