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GEMMA is to cute..love that hair..  CONGRATS   And Grayson is adorable..happy baby moon girls!   My babies are going to be 2 months old on Wends :( time is going too fast
the boys went to the park today! they are 8 weeks already :( time is flying by fast! 
Hello...   i have a rare moment of calm and all babies are fast asleep...   Carmen.. looking great! glad u got some sleep   SanDiego.. Im sorry you still do not have an answer.. but fingers crossed that all is ok..hang in there   Isa.. as always E is soo soo cute.. love her b day photos!   Outdoorsy. how are you feeling.. did you find out the sex of the baby or are you waiting until birth?   Hello to everyone else...   AFU.. we are 8 weeks old...
Welcome to all the new babies!!!! Enjoy the baby moons
Wow she is gorgeous.. congrats !!!!
JenJen .. I never thought we would co sleep either and esp with triplets... But they love being with us and we somehow make it work.. They sleep much better with us... Now not sure how long this can last with 3 babies lol I'm doing ok ... My moms here driving me crazy but is a good help with the boys.. She will b here 6-8 weeks...Dp is working alot so it's really good to have the xtra hands ... My milk has never come in really .. I pump and get about 3-3.5 ounces a day...
    6 weeks old already.. August in Blue Jeans.. Finn in the Jacket with his binky and Gage in a greyish outfit :) and our 1st playdate with our friends triplets!!!                  
Hello I thought id bombard u with some cute pics!  the one of 6 babies is our friends triplets who are 7 weeks older :)   Isa.. she is soooo cute pokey.. ty for coming to baby wrangle the other night.. sorry August peed on you :) Tourney.. good luck on your tests Bigfoot.. Im guessing 2 boys..  Spinx.. hope you get some relief soon Carmen.. have a good trip   Hi to anyone I missed     AFU.. boys are term now my due date was April 7th.. they are...
Thanks for the shiny new thread!    Hello ....   yay for heartbeat Esher .. We were 6 w3 when we saw 3 strong heartbeats.... It was crazy cool :) knitting ... Sooo close do u have their names picked out ? Is dd excited? cordelia.. So scary but glad things seem to be ok bigfoot... Cute baby bump on the mrs ... How's Your son adjusting to the babies?   afm....boys are 5.5 weeks old and growing ..,August is over 7 lbs ... gage is 5lbs 11 oz and Finn is 5...
WELCOME TO ALL THE NEW ARRIVALS!    when Finn was weighed the night he was born they said he was 4 2.. but the next morning he was only 3 lbs 3 oz.. so they went back and realized they wrote his birth weight wrong.. so can we fix his weight. he was 3 lbs 5 oz.. and he actually was baby C.. B was Gage..   we are all home from the nicu  and doing well :)
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