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HA I often wonder if people start to wonder if I have gone into labor if I am to quiet :) These boys are like their mama..stubborn and they are gonna hold out until the c section.. I have given them permission to come out now... but each time we go for our BPP testing ( 2 x a week now) their fluids have increased.. they have grown and my BP is lower.. they are out to show that one nurse who said I would not make it to 34 weeks because i was fat!!!    Wow on the move.. and...
Hello everyone....   Happy V day.. I read along but its hard to keep up and post right now..    BigFoot and Mrs.. Yay for dancing aliens and getting ready to wean of meds. I was so happy to wean off them!   To everyone else HI...   To those who asked.. I am beyond done.. my body HURTS.. my hips and legs .. sleeping is really painful and un comfy :( We are excited . 12 days until the C section.. we are on 2x a week monitoring now.. and they are impressed...
we ordered it a while ago for foster babies.. and did not like it.. it fits really small.. and was not comfy.. But maybe someone else would like it :)
I have to suggest the DIONO/Sunshine Kids RADIAN car seats.. they are a bit more pricey.. but they are SUPER safe.. have excellent ratings and they are made to fit 3 across a sedan.. I have had 2 of my nanny kids who were 7 in them.. still harnessed! I prefer them 100 percent over Britax.. they may cost you a bit to invest but way cheaper than a new car.. and you can put a newborn in them :) they sell them on Amazon
JenJen.... I am.... It's scheduled in two weeks... I of course didnt get an option having triplets... I feel anxious re the c section .... But know its safest for the babies .... Ill never get to exp labour either ... But in the end our babies will be here safe and sound :) 
this is baby B yesterday. we normally dont get a good pic of any of the boys anymore... but the dr caught this one.. I love it..and love this face! To bad his brothers did not co operate :)
I think I am prob less crunchy than most.. We have had to have a lot of U/S. due to the triplets.. but I am glad we do.. It is a way to know they are ok... I am only CD becuase of finances.. I really do not look forward to it I plan to Vac but on a very delayed schedule... I do not plan to co sleep.. How can you with 3 infants really?   But I agree with the values and the ideas behind MDC.. so I am somewhere in the middle :)   Can I just say how un...
Thank you... it is def getting harder each day.. had an apointment today and I am measuring 45 weeks for a singleton.. at 31 weeks.. WE have 3 weeks from today and they boys will be born :)     Everyone is looking great
31 weeks
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