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We used to reach for the crackers or other unhealthy snacks when my children were hungry between meals. We were always cranky and low on energy, we would hit a wall before dinner that maed me want to run for the hills. Now I offer a fruit and protein snack in the morning like apples and fruit dip (cream cheese and a little brown sugar) and a vegetable and protein snack in the afternoon, like celery and peanut butter.  We now feel much better during the day and there are...
When you find one please let me know, if we can't find one maybe we should create one and make it available to others.  I would really like some info to give to care takers like grandma who ask things like "have you found out how to care for it?" like I had to do something special.  
Olivias First Halloween. She would grunt and shake her bag asking for treats.
  Homegrown Lady bug.
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