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Dandylez -  I don't mind dressing a little feminine but also feel overwhelmed and kind of mortified looking at maternity clothes. Especially maternity shorts for some reason - yech!   I bought a few things at Old Navy last time I was in the US and I am living in them now.  Maybe try buying ON or Gap online from US site and using their international shipping - I'm in Switzerland and I can get it, I'm hoping that you could in CA as well.  Shipping's not that cheap, but...
That's good to know. We just went to info night at the local birth center and it was packed - they were expecting about half as many people. 
Hi Mommas, Maybe it's a little late to be bringing this up since I start the 2nd tri tomorrow!   But here goes, I'm getting all kinds of differing info on what foods us pregnant ladies should be avoiding for the safety of the bebe.  Anyone willing to share what they are eating/willing to eat or specifically not eating?  Or any good research you've found? Of course this is not a place or time to be judging anyone's eating habits, we're all different! But I...
So here are mine from the last couple of months.  I'm finding that the bump size varies drastically depending on time of day and how much I've eaten!   This is my first pregnancy.           
I'm really sorry to hear that jodieann.  My thoughts are with you.
Brambleberry I'm so sorry.  Hang in there.
Brambleberry, love the house! hope that the lead results are a mistake! So happy to hear about all of these heartbeats!! I hit 12 weeks today . . . my e-mail weekly updates say that they baby could be sucking its thumb now!!!  squeeee!!  we have a 12 week appt with ultrasound tomorrow morning.  We've thought long and hard and decided to go ahead and do the u/s but keep it very short, like under 3-4 minutes.  The appt is at the local hospital but we have interviewed...
I have had a list going since before I was even pregnant! ha! I'm trying to keep the amount of stuff we bring into the house to a minimum though . . . not saying that I succeed, just that I'm trying! :) Love Under the Nile and Nova Naturals but I think I'll stick to buying 2nd hand for now and make a few planned splurges once the babe is here.  That said, I have purchased a few items of clothing (with my mom while I was in the States) and one of those hanging jumpers...
Oh Jilimy I'm so very sorry.  I've also been keeping an eye on your posts and feel so much sadness for your loss.   
I'm so sorry, you must be just devastated.  Please take good care of yourself and know that you're in our thoughts. 
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