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On my phone with a sweaty grunty baby on my chest so I'll keep it short, more later for sure! Mention of pain in natural birth -- avoid if you're staying in your positive birth bubble Started having mild, timetable contractions at the local library at 11am yesterday (the 8th), ran other errands w dh, was somewhat uncomfortable but wasn't positive I was even in labor til about 2. Called Mw she suggested I come right in, arrived at birth center at 4 - managed well to this...
I'm thread crashing b/c I'm not planning a HB, and I have no idea how close anyone lives to Ikea, but I just bought a queen-sized waterproof sheet for like $10, and they sell waterproof pillow covers as well. It's called the 'Skyoda Hogt'. The cool thing about the sheet instead of a painters tarp or shower curtain is that it has the elastic around the edge so you can't even tell it's on the bed, just goes under the fitted sheet, and it's made of a slightly crunchy...
Madi and Carson, such such such cute kiddos <3 <3 <3 <3 thanks for posting! these baby pics are so helpful in this final push!  
Hi Raven, hope the baby stays in until you're both good and ready I lost mine just before 36 weeks, had started to dilate then, and have had prolific 'replacement plug' (long strands of globby mucus, somewhat softer than the actual plug was but still quite hardy) almost every day since - I'm 39+2 and no baby yet but I am feeling like it will be somewhat soon.     
Hurray!! Thrilled for you and hope you're enjoying this time with your two little honeybuns <3 <3  
Saw this article about food to bring to new moms today on Apartment Therapy (ok the Kitchn, but it's run by AT) - some look like good ideas for freezer food, but in the comments are a lot more great ideas.  There's one about meatball set, stuff to make meatball subs, spaghetti, and meatball soup all frozen and ready to go.  Clever.  Seems like that's always the way with AT, articles are just ok then fantastic ideas in the comments.    I went over our food budget for...
Her double chin! Swoooooon <3 <3 <3  
Faliciagayle,   Jend, I read your post and my heart goes out to you.  I HATE moving and can't imagine, really can. not. imagine. moving right now.  I'm so sorry that the house wasn't in the condition you expected either, I've been there and it's so disappointing! My only advice would be to prioritize - do whatever you can to get one or two rooms completely unpacked, cleaned, and nice so that you have somewhere to relax when it becomes too much or when the baby gets...
It's a strange feeling, this waiting game!  I'm due Sep 12th, but I tell everyone that I'm thinking it'll be more like Sep 26th (a full 42 weeks).  I'm doing ok waiting so far, but who knows what will happen when I hit my EDD in 8 days and still no baby :)
Bucket brigade!  :) Your bedroom really does sound like the perfect place, I hope Maman's solution works, sounds like it would.   
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