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This is what I use and it works for up to 12 hrs! Thirsties Fab Fitted diaper, a folded microfibre insert tucked under the "tunnel" as well as an Applecheeks stay dry bamboo liner on top and then a Flip cover. I am making wool doublers also to put between the cover and diaper.
I don't use Charlie's Soap but I use Nature Clean and I literally never have to add anything to the wash, rinse...never. It just gets them clean. I have started to do a preventative cold wash with no detergent just in case but other than that, just hot was, extra rinse and my diapers smell perfect and look perfect!
Hello! I new to this forum but not Mothering.com. Cloth diapering my 8 month old with a mix of flats, prefolds, covers, fitteds, pockets and wool. I only introduced flats and prefolds when mt daughter grew out of the pocketshad leftover from my son. She is very chubby and I am so annoyed that I can only pad fold or trifold these diapers!! I would like to be able to go cover less at home sometimes and I have tried every fold I can find and they don't fit around her hips and...
This just makes me think of restless legs syndrome that I had with my pregnancies. I also had low iron and I don't know if that contributed but for months I was so ridiculously restless and almost never slept. Maybe have his iron levels checked and try a banana before bed for potassium? My son was a frequent waker and it was about 16 months when I stopped nursing/rocking to sleep and his sleep really improved. I howl you finda solution soon!
Wow! I can't read all the responses but nextcommercial was definitely one person who wasn't here to support you in finding a solution. I am both an early childhood educator and elementary teacher and have worked in childcare for many years. Nap time allows the day care provider to get stuff done, but wait a minute, that's not your effing problem! In my opinion, child care is there to care for and educate individual children with individual needs. I have a 3 yr old son as...
Uuuugh I wish I knew! I have a 7 month old and a 3 year old. My son is spirited, full of pee and vinegar, never ever stops. Everyday it seems like someone says: "I don't know how you do this!" My daughter is a super easy baby. I am feeling down tonight because lately my son has been backing away from me a bit, no t wanting me close as much, even saying "I don't love you Mommy" twice:( I know it's because I have been stressed (husband has worked 4/6 weeks across the...
Hello:) This is my first time posting on the allergy forum. I have a 2.5 year old son as well as a 2 month old daughter. I have always suspected that my son had some sort of food allergy or intolerance but also overwhelmed with trying to figure out what the culprit was. At 9 months he had horrible diarrhea that lasted a couple of months and we tried no dairy and gluten free very briefly and then were told it was probably just rotavirus. He eats a varied diet now with the...
My daughter has milk leak out of her nose too after side lying nursing, but she was already a little stuffy from a cold she got from her brother when it started. I have been trying to nurse laying down because of over active letdown but I don't want to make things worse:(
Baby whisperer - For me it was because it was all about scheduling and making you feel guilty for "accidental parenting". It made me freak out about how much my son was nursing and was not supportive of attachment parenting at all in my opinion.
The Baby Whisperer!!!!
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