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Over the years my anxiety has been a huge problem but I was lucky that pregnancy and post partum didn't aggrivate it. I was bracing myself for major depression and anxiety after my son was born but I think I just had the normal baby blues. I always find that exercise helps although I don't always make that time for myself anymore or nearly enough. I always try to talk myself down from my tree by reminding myself that things are never as bad as I make them out to be and...
That could be true. It's a group of mothers that started out as friends of a friend of mine, that all walked together and had babies around the same time. It has expanded since then. We ask eachother advice mostly and discuss local resources, activities... Maybe the nursers just aren't the ones that comment.
Hello mamas:) I live in a tiny remote town in northern Canada and I am not super suprised that I am the only one I know here that nursed longer than a year. I am part of a facebook group for mothers back home in a larger area and I am so shocked to noticed that not only do I appear to be the only one who nursed past a year, the vast, vast majority formula fed right from the beginning and plan to formula feed future kids. I am planning to move back home in the fall and...
Picking names has been a preoccupation for me for the last few months and I am finding it soooooo difficult!! With my son, Callahan, we picked his name out as soon as we found out he was a boy at 19 weeks. We both loved it from the start and he is just the epitome of Callahan in my mind:) I kind of wish we had spelled it with a g at times though but what can you do? We always get compliments on it and I doubt he will ever go to school with another one.   Our boy...
Hi everyone, I am new to this group but have been on mothering since i had my son a little over two years ago. This is me at 23 weeks, much bigger the second time around but had not really managed to get off the baby weight in between anyway lol! That's the plan for the new year:)  
I unfortunately had utis for the first trimester of my last pregnancy but I was most definitely symptomatic:( I did take several kinds of antiobiotics (a, because I live in a remote fly-in community with no access to any sort of natural products, and b, because I didn't really know any better and wanted to just be healthy for my baby and get rid of the pain and discomfort). Once I hit the second trimester they went away. I do wonder if my son's slight discolouration on...
Anyone? Moving home from the Northwest Territories in October and baby #2 is due in Nov. Going to be living outside of Kirkfield and may be a bit stranded close to home for a while as my partner will be working up north for 4 weeks on, two weeks off. Would love to meet mamas in the area instead of having to always travel to Lindsay:)
I wouldn't worry either:) I am 23 weeks and sometimes I find it easy and tonight even though I could feel her moving and hear the little blips from her kicks, I couldn't get the heartbeat so I just stopped and told myself I'd listen again later.  8 weeks is super early. I am so sorry for your previous loss and wish you all the best with your twins:)
I am paying 350 and I paid a 30 percent deposit and the rest due at the birth:)
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