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They did! They've said "wow, it must have hurt!" and "whoa, that's crazy!" My daughter also said she would never do that to her babies. :D
Some women don't want their ears pierced, actually! And what is so great about being complimented for looks as a baby...or a child?! :(
My husband is cut, our boys are intact. It's not been an issue AT ALL, EVER.  We told the boys that's what people thought was good back in the 70s, now we know better than to cut off a body part. End of that.
I think it is barbaric and silly and send the wrong message to girls.
I have a son in 6th grade, but he's always been in Montessori school, so he never had any challenges. His peers who have not, eventually ALL adjust, some take longer than others...don't despair.
At my kids' school (Montessori multi-age classes) is by teacher's first name: Colette's, Donna's...
We lived in the Phils for 4 years...the 'natural' movement is gaining ground there! Google 'chronicles of a nursing mom' she' s a manila mama
I don't know about Guam...but I have been living in the developing world (Malaysia, Philippines, now China) for going on 6 years and have not given any vax to my kids.
My kids have attended 2 different Montessori schools (we moved countries), the first was AMI and the current one is AMS. Neither have any of that, they only have Montessori materials.
After my baby was born, I just held him and dh took pics...then my midwives arrived (yep, a little late! ). We got out of the pool and I sat on a birthing stool, once I felt a pushing contraction, I pushed a bit (it comes natural) and FLOP it went in a basin! (that was about 30 mins after the birth) I have pictures of it if you want to see it (pics of the birthing stool, placenta and cord, NOT of me delivering it! ) http://www.thekeoghfamily.phanfare.com/2017157_2391374
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