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I personally believe sleep has a TON to do with it - for me it takes a huge toll on my mental health when i dont get enough sleep- and rage is a part of it.  It SUCKS since most new moms arent sleeping
looks gorgeous there!!!  ENJOY - he'll be clingy again before you know it - some day you may be longing for a moment where you're not hearing "mumma, mumma, uppy, uppy"
I have this fantasy playdate set-up where moms take turns going for walks  or naps or lunch ALONE!!!
lately, Im envious of Moms who have ENERGY to deal and play with their preschoolers.  Sleep-deprivation leaves the simple things feeling HARD.  I miss feeling HAPPY and energetic vs slugging through the day
on a lighter note, the good news is that chocolate has proven anti-depressant qualities :)  
Becky, that picture almost brings tears to MY eyes and he's not even mine- it is amazing how fast it goes- i love the adoration that these little ones have for their mummas- we are their WORLD and it's pretty amazing stuff.  I have a 5 yr old now who basically tries to disagree with every word that comes out of my mouth- no longer so adoring :)- but a fun stage in itself.....
those are the days coffee doesnt even make a dent in my functioning level- i feel for you Carrie- many / most of my fantasies are all about sleep these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ive thought of the car nap many days!  hang in there, Mama - tomorrow will come - and eventually we will all sleep again.  Breathe
that does suck -im so sorry, Carrie.  Im having my own pity party because DH is too tired to take lO tonight and i am dreaming of a night of SLEEP - there's been a lot of kicking going on at night- ay try the swaddle again.  I dream of other lives as well- I look at other peoples eyes now and think 'are they sleeping through the night???"  
LOL- we are perfect mummas, right?
i have not swaddles 3 nights in a row now- and so far i notice zero difference- if anything, he's sleeping longer stretches.  Strange.  i was feeling like he was trying to kick out of it - maybe a fluke thing!!!!   The one thing i know i eventually need to change is LO's bedtime- Im too tired to do much about it now- and i selfishly love our night snuggle time.  Our current routine seems a little nutty- im curious how it compares to others?  DH takes DD up for bed at...
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