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Why are asking about being circumcised I may be able to help ?
YES Time For an Up Date form dynamicdoula & wantingagirl2b# Thank You    Jsave
I think he jest having some separation of his foreskin from the glans of his penis and the urine is getting on the head of his penis and casing some burning Hope his help   And if you have time how bout an UPDATE did he have a UTI ?    jsave
After a bath it be good if pull his foreskin back and let it dry. he can jest let some air hit it Or he can use a soft towel no need to dry it hard or to rub it that may case problems  don,t get me wrong a bit of water not going heart him but it feel batter dry and it can help with any soap and stuff that gets under it .  hope this help   jsave
He sound normal  
I do a lot of work with males it's normal the first on the foreskin is retracted to have a very red penis head it will get better over time is for it getting spline head at 3 1/2 you may have to help him out by gently pulling the foreskin back over the head after his bath make sure also that you are rinsing it off with just clean water after every bath know so skin is very sensitive overall it sounds normal if you need any more feel free to e-mail me thanks  
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