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Over the last month, my soon-to-be 12 month old son has had reactions to yogurt, cottage cheese, and mashed potatoes made with milk and butter.  He vomits or gags (if the food didn't even make it into his mouth) and gets red, irritated bumpy skin wherever the food touched.  We've been doing baby led solids and started offering him table food at 6 months--he's been minimally interested in eating and mostly likes to feel the textures with his hands.  He's always been a...
Can you sit inside the car when you get him in and out of the carrier?  That's what we do and then everyone gets to be a little warmer--sit in the back seat next to the car seat.
I've been wearing my maternity coat and it's been great for front carrying.  If you still have yours, see how it works maybe before buying anything else?
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