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Those were a life saver for when I was engorged after DD. But they are open around the nipples themselves so they won't do much for the sensitivity. Lansinoh also makes Soothies Gel Pads (there's a link to it from your link)-- that was actually the first thing that came to mind when reading your post. They are amazing for when things just get super tender.
With DD, my MW recommended papaya enzymes, which my local co-op had. It didn't help me but might help you. My heartburn is awful this time, and a big part of my nausea and vomiting. I started with Pepcid, have since increased to twice a day, and I noticed a huge immediate difference. I don't love the idea of being on it, mostly because I worry about poor calcium absorption, so I'll try to get off it after the 1st tri, but right now it feels really necessary. I also...
I felt the same with DD, even somewhat once I could feel her moving. I feel mildly more attached to this one, but I'm still in such survival mode because I'm so sick so I'm really only thinking about myself.
There's some evidence that daycare has benefits, too. Just to be balanced about it. DD would choose TV over playing. It's like a drug, "better than reality." But if she's engaged on an activity she clearly likes the activity more. I use the TV when I just can't be a "good" parent, if I have to focus on something else. I always feel bad about doing it, on the other hand I know DD is thrilled. I just know every time I do it I'm squashing some of her creative potential.
Moderate chance. With my DD we didn't hear until 13 weeks. My uterus is tipped back (and she was my first) so that all conspired to make it harder to hear.
15 wks with my 1st pregnancy. I've heard that the time from when your nausea/vomiting stops until you feel movement can be a little nerve wracking, but luckily (hahaha) I was laying in the tub, pulley and trying to choke down crackers when I first felt it. So I had perpetual reassurance r.e. the pregnancy
I had smudgy brown discharge for 2-3 days at about 6 wks this pregnancy, then a normal u/s at 7 wks. My 1st pregnancy I had none, my 2nd pregnancy I had like a drop of spotting, and that was a missed miscarriage.
One thing to consider if you are feeling uncomfortable now, would be asking the lawyer what your experience would be as a parent, like will you be questioned by your neighbors lawyers? I have been questioned by a lawyer once, and it was actually a lawyer in "our" side, and it made me realize that lawyers are assholes (I mean, professionally, not personally) in ways you could never imagine. Imagine every little doubt about the situation (neighbors yard, you were watching...
I think it's diclegis? It's the same as Unisom (doxylamine) plus B6, which I tried with my DD without help, but it has clearly been helpful for lots of other women.
I'm so so sick. Throwing up every 2-3 hrs (despite zofran, phenergan, Pepcid- tried all the natural stuff with no luck with my last pregnancy) and apparently not digesting much... So today I gave up trying to eat much b/c it's not helping, switched myself to all liquid diet (except a hash brown this morning), and that is better I guess, in that not as much gross stuff comes back up when I do throw up. I don't think I'm dehydrated to the point of needing IV fluids. So, I...
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