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We took ours to the chiropractor and my only regret is not having taken him sooner!  
Having a teenager with Asperger Syndrome (on the Autism Spectrum) and after reading The Vaccine Guide, I have decided not to do any vaxing on my baby.
At home, no biggie, I can lay down with him and that's my down time. He's used to going to sleep with the boobie so at work (I work for my dad) I put him in the Ergo carrier and he sleeps/nurses great. Problem is, he's now 18 pounds and he sleeps for 2, sometimes 3 hours at a time and it's starting to hurt my shoulders. I do have a playpen/changing table thing here but if I take him out of the pouch and lay him down, if he doesn't wake up right away, he'll only sleep...
So hubby has a cell phone with an app on it that's a baby rattle. My baby is 11 months old and it's not like he just gives him the phone an off he goes or anything he just gets a kick out of showing it to the baby and the baby gets excited. I cringe everytime it happens though! Obviously a real rattle is better and I'm not saying we're replacing a real one with the phone one but at the same time, should I tell hubby not to show him that AT ALL?  
What do you all think of the My Baby Can Read series? My baby is 11 months right now and I got the series after seeing an infomercial a long time ago about it and it sounded great (I hate how infomercials do that!). But I have yet to follow it to a T (it says twice a day). I put it on maybe twice a week (since he was 6 months) because I am unsure of whether it's good or bad. I'm sure my own reading is better for him (which I do every night) but is it hurting him in any...
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