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I see some other DS mamas meandered over here. Lol. I'm all the way in PA. I'm feeling envious of you guys in nice climates. Our 10 day weather forecast is off the wall crazy here. It's not sure if it wants to dump rain, snow or be nice out. Oh, Pittsburgh.
That's kind of pricey for a baby doll or I would buy one. I've actually been trying to teach my DD1 to nurse her baby dolls but she wants to feed them play food and sippy cups. I actually avoid baby dolls with bottles.
I totally had this! My entire labor with my second was back labor. Then right before I started pushing it was my hips giving me problems. That labor was HARD. If I hadn't been at home I probably would've ended up with a needle in my back. That hip pain was awful. My baby was born with her fist by her face.
I like to watch YouTube videos. For that length I like kangaroo (tummy to tummy) and rucksack tied Tibetan (back carry). But I agree, go to thebabywearer.com.
I've never posted here but I'm excited to have found some like minded mamas. I feeling like if people knew about me they would judge. I have a daughter who will be 2 in June and another little girl who was born this last November. My baby is EBF and I pump for my toddler since she weaned when I was pregnant. I also smoke to unwind. Knowing there's other people who do the same type of things makes me feel great!
New Posts  All Forums: