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I agree with having some stuff he can destroy but on the spot redirection can be done as well. If you were there with the kitchen set and he starts taking it apart, let him start for a second then put your hand on his and tell him, no, that is not the way we play with the kitchen set, we do this and show him a different action he can do with it. or if there is certain actions he likes to do - such as unscrewing - when he goes to do it with the kitchen set say no, we don't...
A friend of mine had problems with her 7 year old DS. For him it was not an amount of sleep issue. What worked was she went in in the morning and he stayed in bed. When it was time to go to school (she drove him) she went in picked him up and put him in the van fully clothed in pajamas. They were driving before he realized what happened. She then dropped him off with his lunch bag with portable breakfast and lunch. The next day he got up.
Talk to your midwife or doctor. My midwife told me that because i had a good diet if I just took folic acid and iron pills (I have always been deficient including during pregnancy) I would been fine but if it made me feel better to take them to try them every other day and break up the pills into 3-4 different doses during the day. All of that helped. Again, talk to your midwife or doctor before doing any of this and get another opinion if you don't like what you hear.
I have to say yes, it is worth it. I went on a strict diet as well because of gas and crying from my DS and what I ended up doing was one day found he was great so I repeated the same foods for the next 3 days and he was great every day so I would add one food at a time and if I got a reaction I would take it out and retry a week or two later. After this my son was happy, healthy and hardly ever cried.To this day everyone remarks what a happy baby he is and how he is...
There is one of those in Barrie too but it is closed Friday afternoons.
I am open to another suggestion too.  Just let me know, because my son is only 10 months I am not to sure what kid friendly places are around Barrie yet.
I don't know anyone in Barrie that might be interested in this. I get strange looks for saying I buy organic let alone the response to my beliefs on schooling, family beds, tv etc. Lol.
I am assuming you meant activity or books.  Before bed during that down time we do candle time.  We turn off all lights, radio etc and light the candles.  No matter what you choose to do at that point, talk, read, create it just seems to help everyone relax during that tough time at night.  
Why don't we start out at the library and (if it is a nice day) we can decide if we walk down and check out the cafe's on Dundas or stay there.  I know there are a few there but haven't been to any.  Where did you want to meet in the library?
I work with kids with Autism and I think going TV free is great, you may even see a reduction in his behaviour after an adjustment period because he may sometimes throw tantrums because he knows in the end that he will get the tv to calm down, or he is just a routine for him (or you may not see a decrease as well if there is no relation).   Some ideas if you can get some books - Pivotal Response Treatment for Kids with Autism by Koegal - it is a really good way for...
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