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1:30 would be better for me, I am doing something at noon so I could get there by one but it would be cutting it close.  I am not sure where to meet up, any suggestions?
yes, definately.  I can only meet on Thursday and Friday's or the weekend, though.
This is a topic close to my heart.  I was tv free myself for 10 years.  I noticed so many benefits for even myself and want to make this a lifestyle choice for the family.   The problem is when DS was born something seemed to switch over in my brain.  I grew up in a house that had the tv on all the time and I guess the switch to family mode by default also switched with the tv button back and I find myself wanting to watch tv when at home. I do go out as much as...
I never cover, I am most comfortable with nursing shirts or V neck shirts that I can just pull down but I am not very modest - when it comes to feeding, I just do what feel comfortable and convenient.  I will walk around the store my little one in a craddle hold looking at cloths while he eats (He is a little big to eat in the sling now).  My mother almost passed out the first time I was shopping with her and did this but she's used to it now.   ETA - should also...
I would love to be a part of a group in Barrie, coming from TO with an overflow of places for natural, attachment and other "alternative" family practices and people who believe in them I am struggling to find like minded people up here to meet with.
Barrie near the lake.
I am a bfing, bwing mom (when he isn't insisting on motoring around) to a ten month old son.  I lived in Toronto but have just moved to Barrie last summer.  I have been following the mothering site for awhile but have just decided to start posting. :-)
High Park is also a nice area it is right near the park with loads of trails and they connect to the lakeshore and 20-30 minutes driving from downtown, much faster on the subway.  It also has quite a few family friendly shops and a farmers market in the park.  There are 2 libraries within walking distance that both do story time and an early years centre nearby.  Just google Toronto library and go to hours and locations and find the one closest to where you are looking...
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