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I was thinking the same thing earlier! And I thought I was nuts thinking it as well. You're not alone.
I'm sorry for your loss, and also sorry for your current worries. Is there any way that you could request ultrasound? I had numerous ultrasounds with my daughter for fear of suffering another loss, because I spotted alot with her and it wasn't placenta previa or after intercourse. I hope you get some answers or things go back to normal to ease your mind. <3
So sad! I'm sorry for your loss! Prayers and hugs to you mama!
What is "Mii"?  
SOOO jealous of your bump and how "all baby" you are. Damn skinny lady. lol
I was pretty bloaty last week as well. I look alot smaller this week, I think. lol  Wish I was as small as some of you ladies. WAAHH!
haha! Exactly! I have had my belly out a few times too.  
I caught myself waddling the other day, but it's not because of my hips. It's the thought of being pregnant and doing the waddle later on that makes me do it. lol
We don't know yet, but to those of you that DO know, congrats! I have a feeling it's a boy. I don't know how to explain it, I just get this weird feeling with the kids when I was pregnant with them. And whatever it seemed like I felt they were, they turned out to be. Weird.
I feel ya totally! I cry almost everyday and get snappy over stupid stuff. Forget even discussing opinions on things. lol Rawr! I'll scratch your eyes out! God forbid when the baby blues come a few days after having the baby.
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