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Hello,   I have five kiddos.  I had two children then spontaneous triplets.  My two boys (05 and 08) were raised with much more patients and time.  I was careful and could manage gentle discipline so much easier.  My triplets are now two and it is so tough.  Each day is such a struggle it seems all my patience and parenting that I once knew is gone.  Small things that I could easily manage with my two boys set me off towards such frustration now.  What techniques have...
Wow, I just found out I am pregnant with triplets.  I was hoping for a VBAC, but was told I had to do cesarean by 36 weeks.  Where is this OB located?  I would love to meet him.  
Hello,   We found out yesterday at our 12 week ultrasound we are having triplets.  These are spontaneous triplets so we are very surprised.  I want to learn as much as possible.   Is there anything we can do to carry to term?  Is there any way to avoid a cesarean?  How do we maintain our attachment parenting lifestyle? I want to exclusively  breastfeed all 3, how is it done?   We have two boys, one is 5 the other 2.  We will be a family of 7.  Wow, that is...
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