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Typically, for around here, members come along with the missionaries for a single woman. DH and I went w/ the Elders for some random person and she was very nice. Personally, I wouldn't let a man in the house unless he had to be there (aka to fix something) and had an appointment. Even an Elder, the front porch is as far as a male comes when DH isn't home. Even if it is likely a trust worthy person, I expect that I need to protect my family (JIC). I mostly see the...
Thanks so much
I've been a member here for a while. I have a friend who I tried to direct to the LDS thread, but she hasn't been on MDC for long. She can't see/access the Spirituality forum/the LDS Mommas/Daddy thread. Just curious and thanks so much ! Quillen
I forgot to check in... so HI and wave. Our family does only sleeved/clothing under to make things sleeved and kneee length as much as possible. I figure it will make their decisions later easier. Growing up in a part member family, it would of changed some of the decisions I made.
I don't think all of the sunbeams here have speaking parts, but first practice isn't till this Sunday and I don't have a copy of the program to look. Who is Trunk or Treating for church this year? Our TOT is this Friday, so we'll still be able to go house to house (selectively to show off costume) on Tuesday :P . Is that cheating to do both?
Its been a long time since I've participated on a LDS thread here. I am married to the 1st Councilor in the EQ. I have two kids (3 in two weeks and 18 months). I currently teach the CTR 8 class. Next Sunday, I think I will be signing during sacrament for the first time in a few years. A deaf lady wants to come to the ward, but I may be one of the few who knows asl. I thought I would wave as I have been NAKing trying to get DS down.
I think you should be looking for a woven wrap (didymos is $130, but there are others or make your own via www.mamatoto.org). You could, also, benefit from a large body mei tai.
What are Mei Tais like? - Its a square with four straps (two top and two bottom). It is easier to put on vs a wrap. It is more comfortable than a ring sling. However, it is not good to nurse a newborn or do lay down holds in. If you get the right carrier, it can be used from newborn to toddlerhood. The Kozy goes to 65 pounds. I recommend ring slings for a quick pop in and out. I love mei tais and wraps for long carries. I do use my mei tai at the store when I...
I have a hotsling and love it. I have used with Sean since he was born (In April) and Myra started using it on the hiphold (21 months now). I just ordered a Sling Set through the Babywearing Co-op, so I hope it will be here soon. I think it will be good for a while yet with DD, as she is 22.5 pounds.
Quote: Originally Posted by boongirl Strangely, I now have that song "what if god was one of us" going through my mind. Maybe there is a god for our world and his/her parents are the gods of other worlds and there are cousins and aunts and uncles and they were all breastfed because they are of higher intelligence and god did evolve because he/she grew in intelligence as he aged (just as I have evolved through from page to page of this thread). And,...
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