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*doula not fouls, silly auto correct!
Hi! I can't answer your question about the midwife as I don't have any experience with that but I can recommend a doula. We used Labor of Love and were very pleased! The fouls we used is no longer with them but I have friends who have used some of the other doulas and they were equally pleased! http://alaboroflove.org/
Hi, We are considering peachcare for our girls. We have done some vaccines in the past but my girls are not up to date and we don't plan on doing any more vaccines unless we feel it's necessary. My question is, if we get peachcare will we be pressured or "required" to get up to date on vaccines? I like the idea of low cost high coverage insurance but not at the cost of my freedom to make decisions about my children's health! Thanks for any input!
We are considering (and have been for a couple years now) doing allergy testing with our girls. I'm fully aware that they're not always accurate but we have been dealing with this for so long now I think it might at least help give us a little direction. My question is, they are already on a pretty restrictive diet so would this affect the test results? Or do you have to be eating the food in question to test? Thanks so much!
I've emailed and called and they just refer me to the IRS form 502 which is not inclusive. Frustrating! I have looked at several naturopaths in my area though and some say they accept health savings. Hope this helps!
I've been trying to search around to find this out and am waiting to hear back from our HSA but they are taking their sweet time :p So, does an HSA typically cover naturopathic/homeopathic consultations? Also, will they cover things like probiotics, supplements, FCLO, etc. if the naturopath/homeopath (not sure if there's a difference between the two?) writes you a "prescription" or recommendation? Thank you so much to anyone who can shed some light on this!
Thanks everyone for your replies! My girls actually really like Tom's Silly strawberry fluoride free toothpaste, the problem is just the glycerin. It looks like all the others mentioned here have glycerin as well.   Mittsy~I really like the looks of that remineralizing toothpaste, may have to give it a try. Do your children like it? What do you flavor yours with?
I read that glycerin actually binds to your teeth and causes them not to remineralize....most natural toothpastes, including homemade recipes, seem to contain glycerin. I've used plain baking soda on my own teeth before but can't see my children liking it. Just wondering what other mom's have used and found to be successful, thanks!
Allergist is a good idea. I would also recommend looking into Candida overgrowth which would be triggered by anything high in sugar or starch. Her symptoms definitely sound like they could be candida related. Candida can cause facial flushing. We have been dealing with what we have called food intolerances for a few years now and we are finally figuring out that it is candida related. My girls are actually tolerating homemade yogurt after years of thinking they had a...
...dairy and wheat can both be triggers.
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