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I have a neighbor looking for a homebirth midwife. She doesn't care about certifications and licensing as much as just getting someone with lots of experience. She's in Lehi, Utah, and would love someone that would come to her home for prenatals, but doesn't mind traveling just a little, too. Anyone have any recommendations?? Thanks!
I just found and joined "utahvalleyap" on yahoo groups.  Thanks for the tip!   
If anyone wants to meet up in Utah County, Farm Country at Thanksgiving point is always an option.  Pretty inexpensive and not quite so far to travel as the zoo for a lot of us.   And there aren't really organized playgroups in my ward, either.  And even if there were, I know I'd feel more comfortable with more AP style mamas.
Thanks so much for the invite!  It's right in the middle of DS' nap time, so I'm afraid we won't make it this time around.  Unless something goes haywire and he vetoes his nap, which has been known to happen of course.  Oh, and DS is almost 23 months and DD is 6 weeks. 
Just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself.  I'm Jody, mama to 2 little ones, and really wanting to connect with other crunchy mamas, since I can't seem to find many where I live here in Lehi.  I hope I can get to know some of you! 
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