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It's because you are such a great support to the rest of us Jaimee.  Hang in there!
Beautiful! I really missed birthing in water this time.  Congratulations on an amazing birth! Way to go mama!
Wow!  Our births sound so similar.  My daughter (who I was convinced was a boy) was born 45 minutes before your little guy. I think that if it hadn't been for my very experienced doula, there would have been a chance that our little one would have been unassisted as well.  I will write my story soon.    
I think I used the wrong terminology - it was 9 minutes from full dilation.  Add to that about 15 minutes of transition and 6 hours of early, easy contractions.  It was really intense though that's for sure.  Totally different from my first birth!  I'm meeting with our doula today and hope to work on my story today or tomorrow.   Congratulations to everyone else that has had babies in the last few days and good luck to those of you that are still waiting.  You are so...
My daughter was born 30 minutes earlier - 4:45 am on November 23rd.    Margot Anne was born after an intense 9 minutes of active labour at home! Whew!
Can someone guide me on how to make a signature?  I have no idea - I'm sort of a forum newbie.
I love the idea of zoo or museum memberships.  It's nice to have outings even with a small baby and helps to keep the older ones occupied.
I'm sure its just the crazy Canadian version that lasts weeks.  Sorry!!  
It sounds like the terrible cough is striking everyone! Up here in Alberta, there is a viral cough that is striking down everyone we know and lasting weeks.  Thankfully I am finally getting over it and my ribs are almost healed.  I finally feel physically able to go into labour and seeing as I am 40 weeks tomorrow, hopefully that's what my body is waiting for.   Jaimee I really hope that the antibiotics work quickly and that you are in good birthing shape soon. 
  Alas!  This sounds like what happened to me a couple of days ago.  It's frustrating isn't it.  My midwife called yesterday though and gave me a pep talk saying the starts and stops are all very normal for second plus pregnancies.  I would have thought I would have a better idea of when labour was coming this time but its actually the opposite.  Hang in there!!  One of these times, it will start and keep on going and I'm sure we'll both know!   Catherine  
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