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I feel bad, I caved in and let my mom watch her while I went. I don't want to avoid taking her but we got the stomach flu the day I posted that. So I didn't go for a few days. And since we were both getting over I decided to let mom watch her. 
I can RELATE to this word for word. we were having the same problem!! is it bad to admit mine still uses a sippy cup at night? that usually does the trick for us but she went through the LONGEST phase of the same thing. We ended up buying her a big girl bed so she would be excited to sleep in. Our daughter still wakes me at least once but I give her her sippy cup and she's out. Whats the update? I hope better than before. 
I just thought I'd vent before me and the 2 yr old go to the grocery store. Last time we went we were there about 45 mins the amount of time she was good 10 mins. Basically she threw tantrums the ENTIRE TIME. And as contraindicating as this sounds, she's a good kid. Very polite and quiet. What she does is she will fling her entire body back ( head first) onto the floor, screaming at the top of her lungs. Then you have all the other " perfect people" in the store that stare...
first semester of nursing school, Passed. I barely did, but I did it! I did buy a planner for next year already since thats when I start back up. I been very exhausted and I been short tempered with my little one though. I havent hit or yelled or anything like that, I just have to get up and walk away. But thank god i dont feel  like that all the time. Im really enjoying my time off. i cant help but think it would be great to be a stay at home mom, to focus all my time on...
This is my first child and we are almost done potty training!!! When she does have accidents on the floor, that doesn't bother me that much.. But what is driving me crazy is the urine smell. I clean up the carpet where it happens, but the smell lingers. I've tried hot soapy water, vinegar, lysol spray and a spray specific for urine (however its for animal, yet i figured it May work) I don't know what else to try. She doesn't do it very often either. Please help :(  
im 21 i have chronic anxiety and depression since i was in 6th grade. i have a two year old and i hit ppd about 3 months after my daughter was born. I still have my really bad days. I talked to my midwife about it when it started, i was on meds not til i was REALLY bad. I had weeks when i was made to get in the shower, my baby however i did take care 24-7 like a mother is suppose to. I had a c section which was hard enough all on its own. If anyone wants to pm me that's...
I'm a mother of a two year old, and she's my only child. She doesn't see any abusive behavior or acts, even at grandma's house. She isn't around any other young children that act out. Lately she's been hitting, kicking and covers my mouth when in anger. I explain with words that she understands that we don't hit, it hurts mommy etc. I realize all children go through stages, but her acting out is driving me crazy! How do u all react when your child acts out with hitting and...
I'll be 21 next month and I started when I was 9 or 10. I'm very hopeful that my daughter doesn't start too early  
*not capable*  
I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed, i need advice/tips on how to manage family time and my schooling. For those of you who don't already know, I start first year of nursing in 5 days. I'm feeling so much pressure, I feel like I'm no capable of doing everything that is required and I expect from myself.
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