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I'm sure I'm just worry about this over nothing but my daughter has found her southern parts months ago and will not stop messing with them. She doesn't see any sexual activities that mommy and daddy do what so ever. She will yank and pull and scratches it. Is there any trick to make her stop? I smack her hands( not too hard) and keep telling her not to mess with it, I even try distracting her and try to keep pants on her. I need some help!!
thank you all for the comments, i will try that. I think it's hard to find other serious parents about play groups because mine is only 1 year old.. Do you think I might be starting her out a little to early?  
I have a little one that will be 13 months old and I have few friends that have babies about the same age as mine. And if they do, they live to far away. My daughter is an only child and she is already trying to be that social butterfly, any suggestions ?
im 19 and 2 yrs and 3 months of schooling if i continue to go full time!! yikes!!
thank you all for the advise!! there seems i didnt say every clearly on here, that i wouldnt intentionally get pregnant without bf on board.. the little one is defiantly in the full toddler stage, or shes Defiantly beginning it!! Why is it that us women crave (well most) to be pg again? is it that intense bonding we feel while? im a little surprised that i want to have another baby. at first i was all in the im never having another child again phase. i didnt really...
okay thanks you two for the in-put my daughter began walking at 9 months and in a couple days she will be 11 months and she has basically  mastered walking. bf does want another baby just not until our little one is about 3 yrs old. but i dont want to wait that long..  
i breastfed =] but not for as long as i wanted to.. due to medical reasons.. 5 weeks
hello parents, just a little background info on me, I have an little one that will be one year old within a month.. Yikes!! I'm still with her daddy and we live together too.. Plus I go to college full time minus summers. the thing is >> i'm trying to get over is wanting to get pregnant again, but I keep tossing back and forth about "should i wait til school is over" or should i just give in a try to get pg". However I know the bf doesn't want to have another...
thanks now i feel like its a normal thing if ur babe and others have done this too. her little tooth is starting to peak out fianlly. shes not tht alert when she wake just crys and wants her bottle then she will be out very soon after that happens.
my daughter is almost 7 months old, and trying her hardest to bring in her two bottom teeth. could this by why she is waking up more throughout the night crying? in her younger months she would wake up only 2 times that being the most she would ever wake up. i found myself and her daddy one of the luckier parents with our daughters sleep schedule. but now she wakes up about 4-6 times in the night. i do give her infant ibuprofen for her teething. but not before bed,...
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