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i was on cymbalta. now im having so much anxiety is unbelievable
Okay, i'm a first time momma (19yrs old)and basically a single mom. (boyfriend works all the time and we live together) So i'm usually alone with my 4 1/2 month old daughter.I have really bad ppd. the meds i was on, my insurance stopped covering it, of coarse. Oh yeah can't forget my fibromyalgia. So i go to my fibro doc and i tell him i need different anti depressants. SO he gives me these ones that you take at night and it's suppose to knock you out, but you can be...
okay thank you!
does anyone know if its safe to color/ bleach hair while breast feeding?? i didnt do this my entire pregnancy and now my roots are Horrid!
wow i would seriously think about changing doctors!
just wish i could get a nice back rub without any bitching or half assed  rub:(
  im with u in that boat as well. my bf doesnt even ask me how im feeling even on my worst days all he says is im so sexy. which pisses me off more bcuz im not feeling good and i look like a wreck without a shower. ( i have fibromyalgia) so that makes most days difficult and im on bed rest and he still doesnt do much to help me around the house. says ok but doesnt do a damn thing.  
just finished basically moving out of my parents house and into a place with my boyfriend. the place is a mess the only furniture we have is to recliners and a futon bed. which i hate i want to clean like crazy of coarse im on bed rest yet for another week or two, so i cant do nothing for awhile. 2mrw i will be 36 weeks and the babys room isnt even started yet we do have her bassinet set up and.. thats it! plus my doc says im not going full term. i wish i could stop...
thanks so much!
thank you all for commenting. lisa-- today im not so sure how it will turn out. he works 1st shift so i dont see him til around 4, its hard telling his mood..   another thing that i think it may be from( are disconnection) is from me being on pevlic rest as well. im kind of hoping maybe its just us feeling distant from the lack of sex.. i hope that may be it, but if not then im not sure where to go from there. i feel like he doesnt do enough for me emotionally....
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