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her fluid is finally up to 10 cm and shes gained 11 oz in two weeks. she is still behind her growth by 2 wks though. the doc is now saying about another week of bed rest left!! im currently 35 wks and 3 days. which is great bcuz i need to get her more newborn clothes! my doc doesnt believe that i will make it to my due date, im not complaining, as long as she is a healthy little bundle!
anyone else still with the father of their unborn baby, and experiences relationship bumps? Here lately i just feel were not as close anymore like we use to be. I have told him how i felt and he feels the same, any tips on how to reconnect??
went to the doctors thrusday, with the help of an ultra sound they seen her amno fluid has risen a little bit from last week. So far so good, we get to make it through another week =]
thank you, i could use some hugs right now.
it all started about two wks ago, i woke up went to the bathroom all to find i had some minor bleeding. I tryed to stay calm, i called the doctor and my mother. I went in after being scheduled to the doctors. I got an ultrasound done and a nonstress test. All to find out part of the placenta had torn away, so i had to be admitted to the hospital. I ended up being there for 2 1/2 days. The next day i had another ultrasound to check on the placenta, all looks well. Thank...
Okay, thanks that helps me quit a bit.
what are these things for vit k and everything else you all have talked about? i've never heard of the babes getting these things done to them.. is it after there born or like vaccinations?
this is a great topic, i was just browsing on here for tips or anything to keep in mind once i have a first baby. Most of this info i haven't heard, great advice mommas. =]
Im 26 weeks pregnant, and like many of you im sure your dealing with stretch marks Every day i seem to find new marks, i use the stretch mark lotion and it doesnt seem to help. Am i not using it enough? I have them everywhere and i cant stand it there not the light colored either there the wonderful dark purple. I have them on my love handles ( before this pregnancy i was at a healthy weight, not that that matters), from my upper thighs all the way down to the back of my...
thank you all for posting! i feel a little better knowing you all felt nervous and most of you still are. I had the feeling i was the only one feeling spazy lol. hopefully by the time the baby does come me and bf will be moved in our own place by then. at the moment still at home, which there will/would be no room for me or my baby.
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