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ive had my names picked out for a couple months now. not sure if its a good thing or bad? my pregnancy wasnt a planned one either. but if im having a girl were naming her kailey denae and for a boy ayden matthew. the boys name im having second thoughts but the daddy really likes it, soo i guess im sticking with it though.
my first flutter was when i was 14 weeks, im 19 now and ive experienced the flutter once but from the 15th week ive felt the little pokes here and there quit a bit sometimes. im kinda wondering if i might be farther along then what the doc says.?. also im pregnant with my first, not sure if that helps any?
okay thank you both=]
so if the pain last long in your boobs, that means you cant produce enough milk or???
I've been dealing with my depression since I was 11 years old and I'm 18 now. I haven't been treated for it because of my young age, and my mother didn't want me to have to depend on pills. Anyways for those of you that have been depressed while pregnant, does it affect the baby afterwords? I know after the baby is born and you are depressed it affects the child but I'm wondering if it's somewhat the same way? Any pointers to try and get out of the dump other then pills,...
okay I was wondering (pregnant with my first) does breastfeeding hurt, and for how long usually? And what about when you use breast pumps? Also, how would u rate the pain? I'm a little scared, dumb I know, but I really do what to breastfeed since it's really good and healthy for the baby.
Right now I'm currently still living with my family, and he's living with his sister/husband/ two kids. And the whole living situation is so messed up because, my bfs grandma has passed away and my boyfriend gave his mother 2,000$ just so she could keep it. (The house is Not in the best shape, it comes complete with black mole, however it does have three bedrooms) So my boyfriends mom is fixing the place up so me, daddy, and baby can live there until its completely...
I'm currently pregnant with my first, I'm 18 years old and still with the father of the baby. My bf and his sister and family etc. think that when the baby is here, that any of them can discipline the baby. And how (his sister) way is best, when her and her husband could use some serious parental guidence about cussing at their own children. It just makes me angry, whenever my boyfriend mentions his sister or any of them watching our baby. They also act like I have no...
hello, I'm just 30 mins from mansfeild, i was looking for other mommy to bes for support and guidance as well. not sure if this fits into to yours but here i am lol feel free to message or anything.=]
I've been searching for a crib to purchase. The one's that have been getting my attention are the ones with the changing table attached. And i was wondering, if anyone out there has used one, would you recommended those or just a regular crib? This will be my first child, so I'm somewhat at a loss for which type of crib is best to use?
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