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My son is only two, so take this with a grain of salt.   Perhaps her room and bed need to be more fun than yours? Does she have special bedding that she chose? Did she decorate her room all special as a kind of ceremony for becoming a big kid? Does she hope to go to sleep-overs with friends, where she will need to be able to fall asleep on her own?   I didn't co-sleep as a child, but I had severe separation anxiety to the point where I would throw up when left...
I always "top n' tailed" with a cousin when I stayed at my aunt's house. I had horrible separation anxiety even as an older kid and loved having a cousin in bed to fall asleep with. Would that work for your wee one?   Cons were I always had a kick to the head by morning!  :D  
  I've read that article, thank you :) 
  He went into his own bed in his own room at 22 months and it has been a few months since then. I had hoped he would sleep better, but no dice. I guess the up-every-hour nights are a thing of the past, but his longest stretch is still only 4 hours tops right now.   We live in a very small space, enough that we hear most things between our two rooms. There isn't a spot for me to sleep where I wouldn't hear my son and go tend to him as usual. (I tried sleeping on the couch...
My two year old wakes every two hours at night. I am getting worried about this. His sleep isn't usually interrupted because he nurses while half awake, but my sleep certainly is interrupted and I am not happy about that! Not only do I want sleep, I am worried by the books and articles I read that say a child's health and development suffers when a child can't sleep at night.   Looking forward to some answers!
Ooh, I just thought of some advice actually. I read somewhere (Kellymom maybe?) that to encourage good nursing manners you can give your baby/toddler a lovey to hold while nursing. I did this with my two year old and have been able to reduce the amount of pinching he does. It doesn't work every time, but most times. When he pinches with those sharp little nails or starts to get a lazy latch I also stop the nursing session and snuggle to sleep. There are lots of angry...
  I don't have any advice, but I read this and wanted to say that you are NOT a bad mum. There is no need to prove your love. No-one expects you to be in pain in order to be a good mum. I want to send you hugs through the internet. You are doing a wonderful job, mama! ♥
I'm not at all an expert, but I'm going to agree with the mama who said they may be missing their sleep window. To wake up at 6:00am they would most likely need to be asleep at 7:00pm at the latest. Tough to do, but worth it! Are they both napping? I've discovered bedtime is much easier with my two year old when he has just a one hour nap.   Good luck! I stay with my two year old until he falls asleep too. Fine when he falls asleep in minutes, but so hard when he...
Gosh! So nice to see a similar story. DS is also 18 months old and I also have blisters... My theory is he's teething. When he first started teething he also grazed the new tooth along my boob, so I guess something about these eye teeth is really hurting him. He's never slept any tremendous length of time either. There was a magical 10 hour night one night a couple of months ago, but I was up waiting for him to wake up and didn't get the rest I could have!
And this is what we had until we felt safe enough to have DS in bed with us full time:     http://comfortfirst.com/p-32754-baby-delight-snuggle-nest-portable-infant-sleeper.aspx
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