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I am a dog lover, expecially tiny dogs because they are much easier to take care of than large dogs, even as puppies. My husband however, loves cats, which I hate. Right now, we have a cat and a ferret. Personally, from my experiance with ferrets, they are by far the better pet over both dogs and cats and I have had a ferret since my son was a newborn, with no issues. A majority of them are litter box trained, you can keep them in a cage at night so you know they arent...
I like that homeschool idea! You can really do something, and you can even make videos that parents or groups have to pay for memeber ship too. You should become big enough that you may be able to host small workshops. Im starting my BA next year for illustration, I'm looking to writing books, which is something I have loved for years, since I was a little kid and have always wanted to do. You could always write cute little science books for little kids, minor bio chem...
My husband wants me to start working from home, which I have no problems with and he thinks doing crochet or kitting would be a good idea as I am really good at it and his mom even suggested doing it last year. I would love to do it, however every where I look I see crochet items, which I am better at crocheting than knitting, and I find it is just a little over done. I always see hats and blaknets, but never shirts, dresses and other clothing. Do you think there would...
DS hates going to bed and its an hour long fight, when he knows after bath its bed time and DD won't go to bed till 930 or 10 when DH is home, same with DS. So we decied they dont nap during the day. Sure they are cranky, cranky butts, but at night, when they go to sleep after a warm bath, are dressed warmly and are full, its so so much better.
My son has days where he's like that all day long, then there are other days where he has issues throught the day. What's sad, is by the time my husband gets him im so pissed off, i have a headache and if anyone ask for anything i bite their heads off. My DH gets the bad end of the deal.
I use both cloth and disposibles. I mostly use huggies slip ons or luvs, and i have some good mamas that i will use during the day when my daughter wants to be wiggly or rip her diapers off. I find it harder to use cloth at night because the covers give my DD a rash. However, most of the time her and my DS are bare butt and she only uses diapers when she sleeps, he dosent as we are potty training him.
It does get easier. My husband goes away for weeks or longer than a month some times, and my son is about 2.5. When he sees dad the first day, he dosen't go to him, but after a while he warms up and goes and visits. I think for my DS its just he feels betrayed, like why did daddy leave me? My DD is diffrent, when her dad shows up shes all over him. I think one time she will end up fusing to him.
I try to keep my kids near me. Mostly because I don't want them to run out in the street, or a parking lot. People really dont care now days, but then my kids dont sit there and play on my husbands phone ( he had the Driod). Our kids like to run around, but they listen very well, sometimes i'm surprised. I think your doing okay, my sister in law was just like that, he son is about a year older than mine, and my son would love to run around and play at toddler time, and...
I am new to Williamsport, moved here about two months ago from West Virginia. I don't know anyone here and would like to find a playgroup/moms group and people who are intrested in homeschooling or already do.
I have a 2 yr old, and he loves to do work book pages. They are very simple matching, spoting what dosent belong, coloring, lines. Are their any things I can do with him? His sister is 1, so he is the oldest. Whatever he does she eventually follows him.
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