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I love ginger and greens . . . one of my favorite this EVER!!
I made this soup tonight . . . my kids have a bit of a cold still lingering . . .      Broccoli and Potato, vegan and gluten-free soup In a pot with an inch or so of water, simmer until extremely soft:   3 new potatoes, sliced thinly   Add and simmer a bit longer:   1 cup cooked garbanzo beans 2 teaspoons yellow curry powder 4 cups water   Add:   8 cups fresh broccoli, chopped finely Pinch nutmeg Dash of dill Salt and black pepper to...
My friends and I are always taking turns being the one without a whole lot of excess funds . . . We also at times need each other to baby sit. Not much funds there either. I haven't ever had a conversation with them, but I've noticed at times I'll watch  a couple of their kids for free, but they will bring dinner stuff for my whole family, or  vice verse, I'll bring food items to their house to feed my kids and their family as well.  Anyway, thought maybe you...
Mmm . . .sounds so good!!
Yummy!! Beautiful photos : ) 
Baby blankets are fun an satisfying. Flannel one side, calico on the other. Don't feel scared, you'll love sewing, it is so freakin' satisfying : )  Good Luck!! Marica  
Yeah it is so amazing how much the temperature regulates this stuff. In the summer it seems to take only a few days to ferment.  : )  Marica  
I homeschooled as a kid, and had a good experience with it. My mother and father were just not to happy with mainstream education and we lived a bit out of town, so we homeschooled. It certainly has its ups and downs. I have gone between homeschooling and sending my kids to school because I want a fair medium. Good Luck, Marica
That happened with my first son. I grew up vegetarian, and stayed for the most part vegetarian, and then when I got pregnant suddenly desperately craved red meat. I hate to say it, but it hasn't gone away. I am mentally a vegetarian, but my body most heartily disagrees . . . good luck!!! 
I am an on again off again gluten free eater. I really think I feel better when I don't eat it, and then somehow I forget and start eating it again. Anyway, I am on a gluten free run right now and came up with a yummy veggi patty recipe. I thought some of  you out there might also be gluten free or a fluctuating gluten free eater and so I thought I'd pos the link. Happy Summer by the way!! Veggi Patties   ~Marica
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