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join the MOMS, mothers of multi[ples website and group, lots of advice. I have twins , and it isnt easy but it is a blessing and they need love. God bless you for helping. and you may want to get help, a teenager... a retired lady...
We have 22month old twins, boy and girl, and one frozen embryo left. any suggestions on when to try this one? what age is a good one for the twins to try to have another??? they will be 2 in june. 3yrs? 4 or? also i just turned 40 in january. thanks!!
I was pregnant with twins, they are now 22 months and had an awesome pregnancy except for last month being bedridden but i also had accupuncture done, i never got sick once , no food aversions and felt great , even went on a cruise and didnt get seasick either. you may want to try a licensed accupuncturist! it doesnt hurt a bit.  
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