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Greet neighbors by their name, inspires me to get to know more of our neighbors and learn more about the people who we pass by on a daily basis.
Thank you so much. This was my 5th baby and first UC and I never imagined I would experience a labor like this because all of my other babies were pretty much textbook. It was a total emotional rollercoaster! There were at least two days where I broke down and almost gave in but then I had to slap myself and focus on what I really wanted and it was mostly just letting my mind trust my body and giving in to it, that's the only way I can describe it. My best wishes for...
Thank you all! I am so happy to hold my son in my arms after such a long ordeal I went through so many emotional and physical ups and downs and came to the conclusion that I would either surrender and go to the hospital for interventions or surrender to my body and have things happen naturally as long as I felt the baby and I weren't in any danger. He is so amazing we have spent the last two days in bed just snuggling with each other, he is perfect. I don't think I could...
I did it! I gave birth to my son today at 7:05pm at our home unassisted with just my husband and I! 
Contractions have been coming every 5 min for the last 3 hours after nipple stimulation. Hoping this continues and a bouncing baby is in my arms sooner rather than later! 
Well about 11:30 last night I started having contractions about 10 mins apart they lasted for an hour and a half and stalled again :( Went to bed woke up at 5 am this morning feeling "normal". I walked around the house and rocked my hips on the birth ball hoping to feel something. About 7am my 2 year old woke up crying and I took her out of her crib and put her in bed with me a few mins later contractions started 10 mins apart they felt pretty good and strong and I slept...
Thanks so much that makes me feel better. My contractions have stalled again at about 4pm. Baby is moving around and I just started losing more fluid and I was just thinking I should use towels but I wasn't sure I thought that the pads would be more sanitary so I will give it a try. I was able to get a 3 hour nap in so hoping for things to pick up.  
No baby yet! I stopped freaking out over every possible thing that could go wrong and just started listening to my body. It seems the leak has slowed down alot I have only had a couple little trickles in the past 6 hours, fluid is clear, I have been drinking lots of water, taking my temp and it seems a bit more of the plug has come out. Baby is moving, kicking and having the hiccups! My contractions are mild cramps about an hour apart. I've been walking and resting and...
I feel fine, been in constant motion, getting plenty of fluids. baby was moving alot the first couple of hours and he shifts and kicks every hour. I guess the fear of what other people are saying is getting to me and this is a totally different labor than any of my others. 
Ok it's been 51/2 hours since my water broke I have had 3 big gushes of water since soaked the pad and through my clothes the first time and then I switched to depends and soaked 2 of those. I haven't really had any contractions, I am getting nervous my family thinks I should go to the hospital for fear of cord prolapse or stress to the baby. This is not how I pictured things to go...any advice?
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