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We got our labs back the other day and the progesterone went down from 14 to 9.  I started on Prometrium yesterday and I am so tired and run down.  We have been taking it vaginally to lessen the side effects.  Repeating labs on Monday so wish us luck!  So scary and dissapointing...
I'm still nursing my 20 month old.  She has no intentions of weaning anytime in the next century it seems so I'm sure I will be tandem nursing.  I couldn't imagine forcing her to stop.  It would break her heart and mine too!  I have heard many times by people around that she is too old, but what do they know.  
Hi everyone!  I am also cautiously expecting.  I had a mc in April of 2010 and we have been trying ever since.  I am still bfing our 20 month old and was starting to wonder if the bfing was preventing me from getting pregnant.  I am 6 weeks today and due the 4th of Sept.  I have a 14 y/o who I had via c/s, and our 20 month old was a vbac.  I am really interested in the possibility of a HBAC.  This is of course everything goes smoothly the next couple of weeks...It is so...
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