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Hi Justinsgirl! Our midwives don't cross the state-line, so it depends where you will be exactly, but we can help out with some referrals. For the fastest access, check Cyber Doulas out on FB:   https://www.facebook.com/CyberDoulas
Sorry for the slow responses ladies, for some reason I'm not getting email updates about this thread anymore!   If you have questions, feel free to message me on FB or email me at crysta at cyberdoulas dot com.
There is a homebirth midwife who works in the Dickinson area, and comes up to Williston as well. I am a birth/postpartum doula and have a group of doulas in western North Dakota and eastern Montana. If you want to drop me a line we can chat about options and get you midwife contact info.   Check us out on FB:   https://www.facebook.com/CyberDoulas
Just wanted to keep this information available so anyone interested can see it!
Hi Donna! I was just curious if you could clarify for me which cities you cover? I'd be happy to send people your way, I get all kinds of interesting requests.   (I am a doula in Williston, ND and the surrounding area.)
Hi Sandy! We can definitely help you connect with homeschoolers in the area. Good luck in your move!
For mamas in western North Dakota and eastern Montana who are interested in natural birth - we have a doula training coming your way!   Here is the info (you can contact me with questions):   DONA INTERNATIONAL  BIRTH DOULA TRAINING WORKSHOP Exploring How the Doula's Heart, Mind and Spirit Can Help to Create Special Birth Memories   Friday, April 19th Saturday, April 20th Sunday, April 21st 2012 in Williston, North Dakota An educational...
I think I got the info to the people wondering about the FB group, but for others, check out:   Crunchy Families of North Dakota : https://www.facebook.com/groups/252561641436624/ Williston Breastfeeding Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/274385982619091/ https://www.facebook.com/CyberDoulas   Good luck, and welcome to Williston!
As with all things, if we just continue to show them we want natural options, they will become more and more available.   I have definitely found that Dr. Twigg is not a fan of delayed cord clamping. We all need to keep pushing, though, and continuing to bring forth solid evidence. Eventually she will change her mind!   Crysta
Hi Sugarbear! It sounds like you have a lot of questions to work through. We do have a traveling homebirth midwife, but no birth center or hospital-based midwives in Williston.   I think your husband is probably right about a flood of people in the spring. Winter certainly scares some off. I'd be happy to chat if you have questions about the area.   Crysta
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