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What a long, strange journey it has been!!! Thanks for asking!   We are headed into our third year this fall, and so many things have changed. I enjoyed reading this thread over.   I am, technically, a private school, accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission out of University of Georgia as a non-traditional school (6th-12th grade). Students come to me three days a week; the other two days are for either independent work OR internships that I arrange based...
I don't think there are any starts anywhere for sale. I will check, though.   What about potatoes in containers?
October 12...a bit late. What veggies, if any, can I still plant? I am in West Cobb, just north of Atlanta.   TIA!
Where are you, and when are you starting a fall garden? What's in it?   My summer garden is winding down, and now I am thinking about fall plantings - beets, lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, snap peas. I don't  know when to get started, though. Still seems too hot for lettuce!!
I am starting a fall garden soon also - another planting of snap peas, lettuce, spinach and Swiss chard, plus two containers of potatoes. I am in Georgia and am not sure when to plant. Doesn't help that it is still unbelievably hot and dry!!
I did a search and cannot find any recent threads on the Master Cleanse, and I wanted to get opinions/thoughts on this or follow up from some of the people who have done it. I'd like to do this for at least a couple days but am worried about nausea and being tied to a bathroom for that time. I think I can handle the not eating part (no coffee will be hard, though!), but I am worried about feeling sick.   Experiences? Positive and negative? Thnx!
I think that a group of 30 with 2-3 teachers is okay but a little big. I am actually changing my focus to a private school, but I will never have more than 8 students; this way I can still keep it individualized.   AllyRae, I had a student last year with Asperger's and I do tend to attract students who are twice-exceptional. I have one student who is gifted and incredibly ADHD, and some days he doesn't take his meds and we're fine. I think we will probably do that...
My website is www.honeyfern.org if you want to take a look at what I have done; you can also contact me directly through there.   Good luck to you!
I did start it, and we are almost finished with our first year. I am now in the process of accreditation as a small private school (no more than 8 students, but optimally 6) and have expanded my online AP class offerings to four (and potentially 6 by the fall). I found it very difficult to break into the homeschooling market, and if I am going to be charging parents to actually teach their kids, I needed more street cred (hence, accreditation route).   We have had an...
Started cool-season crops already!!   Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet peas, swiss chard, carrots, radishes, onions and garlic. Yukon gold and Roanoke red potatoes in plastic tubs, and I seeded cinnamon basil and sweet basil. I would really like to plant over and over, planting more densely to feed the family. I am also going to try corn this year and am planting by the moon (not supposed to plant at all until March now - FYI). Strawberries are cleared out and ready...
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