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As the second oldest of 14 kids, I am well versed in holding babies.  :)  My mom attachment parented all of us, but with no carrier.  Now that my first is 9 months, I love holding her and she loves staying close.  As of yet, we have no carrier so I am continuing in my  mom's tradition, but I would love to have the Boba and start a new tradition!!
Our midwife was young, 28 years old, but very wise and empowering.  When I became pregnant, I knew I wanted a home birth, but wanted to find a midwife that would make my husband as comfortable as I was.  She was great in every way.  She called herself "caregiver of the light", believing that all babies are born in light.  I love her for this.  For knowing that all babies are a special gift and it is our responsibility to bring them into this world in the most loving...
My husband loves carrying our dd everywhere!  Would love to win one of these.  :)
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