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Damn you Lisa! Now I desperately want a Libby Dibby skirt and 5 minutes ago I had never heard of them.
My heart broke a couple years when I was making a list of stuff we needed at the grocery store for a major hurricane coming our way. Jade was reading the list and said "what are pop tarts, and what are twinkies"? I promptly corrected my major parenting oversight!
that I am far too mature and sophisticated to have required a designated driver to drive me home last night from the beach while I puked out the window the entire time. sadly, you would be wrong. Lesson Learned: when very cute bartender who has been flirting with you all night begs you to do a shot with her before you leave, ASK WHAT IS IN THE SHOT. Just because it is clear and she serves it to you with a lemon does not mean it is a lemon drop. It could very...
Once more, with feeling!
where all my drunk hoes at?
not a creature was stirring except for mama g and her 3rd glass of red bull and vodka. Pullnig out the xmas big guns...
When it isn't making me throw up in my mouth a little, the phrase "gold digging woman" is making me laugh my ass off. This guy is not remotely rich, and he isn't bringing her to some glamorous, wealthy town. He lives in a dumpy little town in Iowa (no offense Iowans) in a dumpy little place that he has never bothered to fix up-no furniture to speak of, totally bare walls-like the kind of place you would imagine an 18 year old guy living in.
But wait, it gets even better. The man hasn't had a girlfriend since high school, merely a string of drunken one night stands. He is an alcoholic, and I am pretty sure is a closeted gay man as well.
Really. And neither speaks a word of the other's language.
rant and rave about it here mamas!
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