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Quote: Originally Posted by wonderwahine that doesnt prevent std's knowing your lovers, their history, and their test results sure does.
I bypass the whole thing and insist my male lovers be snipped.
oooh-sesa70 is HAWT!
Being different. Let's stroke each other.
holy crap-liontigerbear is HAWT!
Using the term xmas is not "tearing down your religion".
I once went in to a 7/11 with a certain someone who shall go unnamed, while we were both pretty tipsy- DAVE to buy condoms. The clerk made a snide "oh, someone's gonna have a good night", and I replied with "Yeah, I haven't seen my brother in AGES".
Quote: Originally Posted by tanya1976 But, it doesn't take anything away from me. The OP asked if I was offended by the usage, and I truthfully, without fear, said so. If you can acknowledge the truth of the matter-that what people with different belief systems than you call Christmas doesn't take anything away from you-then why are you offended???
Quote: Originally Posted by rachelle-a-tron I just totally peed my pants... Im. not. lying. My brothers jeep has truck balls. GROSS!!! Have you seen the light up balls yet? We saw a pair of neon green glowing ones a few months ago! I'm in Florida-I am willing to bet our trucks have more balls than yours.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcee I agree. And I must add that I am incredibly shallow and self absorbed because I have never even stop long enough to realize that this is an issue. Thank you MDC to opening my eyes: GASP!!!! You aren't privy to the WAR ON CHRISTMAS????? I've been sending care packages to the wounded for years. You obviously aren't listening to enough Fox News-cause they give this "war" waaaaayyyyy more coverage than...
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