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Quote: Originally Posted by wonderwahine im not aimee, but those dont offend me. its someones car and their opinion...... just like the "my kids on the honor roll" and "meat is murder" bumper stickers...... whatever floats your boat. It would be different if it said "Jesus is the Reason for My Season". But I'm pretty sure Jesus isn't the reason for Hanukah-kwim? It is so presumptous and oddly aggressive-not exactly a warm, fuzzy, peace on...
Aimee-do you think it is ok to have "Jesus is the Reason for The Season" stickers everywhere? Thereby declaring that no one else's season/holiday/celebration exists?
I think you should purchase an economy size tube of vaseline at the same time. :
just stride right in, and loudly ask: "Where are the extra-large Magnums?"
Write something nice about the mama above you. (uhh, on this thread, not irl.)
Quote: Originally Posted by *Aimee* One thing I dont understand is the constant invalidation of Christianity because they stole their traditions from other religions. How long does a religion have to be around before MDC says its okay for people to celebrate? How many times on this thread have non-Christians been told that, like it or not, they are celebrating the Mass of Christ, so nani nani boo-boo? I just love how religion is always...
Quote: Originally Posted by rachelle-a-tron I try to offend the moral majority on a daily basis! If there has ever been a more mis-named group in the entire history of space and time, I'd love someone to find it for me.
in the words of the ever fantabulous ani di- Every time I open my mouth, I offend somebody somewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by daekini he's very pretty... Yes he is, and so are you.
Quote: Originally Posted by rachelle-a-tron Mama G... will you be my Myspace friend? I think I love you! Hit me up!!!! :
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